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A CIVIL REMEDY is a short documentary film that tells the story of one sex trafficking victim who survived - an American girl who was trafficked into prostitution in Boston at the age of seventeen, escaped to her family, and survived to finish school and become an anti-trafficking advocate.

Against this backdrop, the film weaves the perspectives of three commentators. Gloria Steinem has led the American women's rights movement for four decades. Alicia Foley is the Founder of The Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights. Siddharth Kara, Fellow on Human Trafficking at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, is best known for his economic analysis of sex trafficking in SEX TRAFFICKING: INSIDE THE BUSINESS OF MODERN SLAVERY.

A CIVIL REMEDY explores the importance of survivors' stories, the meaning of justice, and the need to place new legal tools in the hands of victims. A civil remedy - a state civil action for money damages - will empower victims to reclaim their equal place in their community, see their violators held accountable, and drain resources from this global sex industry.